Tips for Wreath Care

We’ve all been there – the season starts to change slowly, or if you’re in PA – drastically, and you get the urge to bring out the scented candles, the cozy blankets, and your wreath from last year. But sadly, you stashed it in the garage in the swirl of the rapid season change to winter! Now it’s covered in cobwebs, the grapevine is faded, and the greenery is hanging by a thread of leftover glue. So you rush to buy a new one, and start the cycle again.

How can you avoid this, and savor your wreath from year to year? Today, I’m sharing some tips for wreath care so that when you go to decorate for the next seasonal change, your wreath is as fresh as the day you got it!

Make sure your wreath is wired. Wiring a wreath is like flossing – it’s not the fun part, but it’s essential!
  • Our wreaths are hot glued and wired, in addition to using the grapevine as a natural way to hold the greenery. If you buy a wreath somewhere, and notice it is not wired, it’s worth the time to wire it!
  • Using 8’ pieces of floral wire, wire the base of the floral, catching as many stems as you can, and twist around the back like twisting the bread bag closed! Continue every 6-8’ until the wreath is done!

This is especially helpful if your door gets a lot of sun, as the glue may melt over time.

Seal your wreath!

The wreaths we sell are all sprayed with an outdoor polyurethane to keep the grapevine from fading. My go-to is this one, but as long as the spray says “outdoor use,” any brand will work!

This step should be done in a well ventilated area, following the directions on the spray can. An additional layer should be spayed each season you bring the wreath out. If it is an all season wreath, we recommend spraying it twice a year.

Storing your wreath

When you take your wreath down for the season, take the time to store it properly. These hard plastic wreath containers are great, but if you’re like me, and have a lot of wreaths, it may not be in the budget to have 10 of these. These soft zip up containers are a budget friendly way to store them!

We highly recommend you lay your wreath flat for storage. Gravity takes a toll on your wreath while it’s on your door, and it deserves a break during its off-season. Laying it flat will help preserve the original shape.

These tips apply to outdoor wreaths, and when followed, may prolong the life of your wreath. If you have purchased a wreath from us, we offer a free seasonal lift to our wreaths once a year! Reach out with a request, and we will be happy to help refresh your wreath for the season.

What other tips have you used to keep your wreath fresh from season to season?